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Mobile ready-made metal portacabins CONTAINEX

Office-accommodation portacabins

Storage portacabins

Sanitary portacabins

Marine portacabins

Premises from modular units for any application:

CTX office portacabins: Size range from 10’ (3 m) up to 30’ (9 m) and different equipment. Modular assembly system provides vast possibilties for architectural concepts for constrcution of modular buildings.

Assured mobility potential: Portacabins can be used as single units in any location and for any period depending on your requirements.

Compliance with any expectation: Portacabins can be connected to each other from any side or placed on each other. Unlimited large premises can be developed by means of removal of wall elements and application of partitions.

Flexible system from modular units. It can be extended in any time:
Due to modular design, the container premises can be easily extended. Additional premises can be installed promptly and easily. The installed modular facility can be later easily rebuilt.

Space with no limits
Prefabricated office-accommodation containers:

The most significant disadvantages are as follows:

Premises for hygiene and cleanness
Sanitary containers and CTX containers-toilets

They have the following advantages:

CTX sanitary containers and containers-toilets are equipped with different and high-quality installations. Design and technical implementation are very convenient and easy to use. Sanitary containers and toilets can be integrated with office-accommodation modular units.

Storage premises
CTX Storage container

We provide wide range of options for storage.

Safety and power package is optional.

Portacabins for transportation
CTX marine containers are perfect for sea deliveries!

New or second-hand containers serve as available export packing. Containers are CSC marked and can be delivered through Europe promptly.