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CONTAINEX pre-fabricated modular buildings of container type and portacabins
Mobile solution for premises

Multifunctional and mobile options begin to gain special value in the fast-developing world. Prompt and actual solution of several tasks at a time that is what is required today from every specialist. In his turn this specialist prefers equipment which is able  to perform several functions and meet the highest requirements.
Builders need comfortable doghouses and sanitary premises on the construction site, similar premises are required in trade sphere for goods transportation and storage, and there is a burning question on deficiency of office premises. This is precisely why modular units and mobile accommodation systems (which can provide any required area) are so popular in Europe. Without delay.
CONTAINEX is a company from LKW WALTER Group. It operates over 25 years on the portacabin market, there is a stable demand for its products. The company is the leading supplier of modular units and mobile accommodation throughout Europe. CONTAINEX modularsystems provide full operational state, fast on-site installation, easy maintenance and possibility for extension.

Mobile system of modular units with CONTAINEX numerous options of configuration. Or, simply speaking, containers.

Due to flexible design system they can serve as:

Depending on service area there are differences in configuration, installation and equipment of portacabins. But they all have the same basis – asolid steel frameworkand wall panelsproduced from galvanized and painted sheet steel. Distinctive excellence is that permanent foundation is not required: the site will be just leveled out, slabs will be laid, and panels will be installed on them.
Modularunits can have different internal dimensions: width – 2.24 m, length – 3–9 m, maximum height – 2.54 m. Panel method of assembly provides oportunities for personal architectural solutions. It is possible to “construct” large premises due to removal of wall elements and application of partitions, and it is very advantageous for construction of office and accommodation premises. Containers can be connected to each other from the front and end sides, placed on each other, used for construction of modular buildings up to 3 storeys high. It is possible to develop any premise – on the principle of educational construction kit. The manufacturer offers series of standard options of interior layouts, however customized options are also possible.
60 mm thick mineral wool is used in panels as thermal insulation, it allows to stand the temperature down to -40 °С. Optimum heat- and acoustic insulation provide high level of comfort and convenience to people inside the premise. Double-glazed PVC windows with integrated rolling shutters are convenient and easy to use. The standard option of office-accommodation portacabins has a floor covering from waterproof (V100) wood chipboard with 22 mm thickness, although you can make floor and walls finishing based on your own project.
Transportation of office-accommodation portacabins is efficient: they can be delivered both in disassembled and packaged form – up to 8 containers can be loaded onto one truck. Easy and fast assembly will be performed onsite with the help of conventional tools.
Design and technical implementation of sanitary portacabins and portacabins-toiletsare very convenient and easy to use, interior finishing from steel sheets and floor covering from corragated sheet will provide lifetime, hygiene and cleanness on the highest level. Containers are equipped with different and high-quality installations. Sanitary containers and toilets can be integrated with office-accommodation modular units, providing a comfortable area for living and work.
It is possible to change layout design, interior finishing and technical equipment depending on the application targets.
CONTAINEX storage portacabins  provide new oportunities for storage. In the first place, it is possible to develop premise of any size with optimal protection against burglary, in the second place, they can be used for production facilities and on construction sites, and in case of client’s wish – they can be equipped with power wiring and additional safety package. Containers can be even placed on each other up to 3 storeys high, and loading and offloading will be performed with the help of a crane or forklift loader.

Containers are perfect for cargo deliveries as they are multipurpose and robust. They are made of Corten anticorrosion steel sheet, equipped with doubled-up door from the side end, forged and galvanized locking mechanisms, protection against inbreak (integrated Lock-Box), CSC mark for 30 t of total weight.
Naturally, technical characteristics only do not provide complete information on the products offered. Each eventual buyer would like to find out how this product shall be applied and used. List of application options of CONTAINEX portacabins can surprise even the most critical client.
The largest application area covers industry, construction, public utilities, trading and small business companies. During roadway maintenance works, repair and landscaping works, construction of facilities (especially lacated remotely from builders’ place of residence), one can use  portacabins to develop premises for site supervisors, cafeterias, doghouses, sanitary facilities and shower cabins, temporary premises for hosting of mobile teams. Properly organized living conditions boost favorable microclimate in the team and increase  working efficiency. Containers meet all sanitary and hygienic requirements and standards, they are safe and comfortable. After the works are completed they will be easily dismounted and delivered to the next construction site.
Every city once faced the problem of providing mobile WC during social events, public festivals. Mobile portacabins-toilets will be the best possible solution: they will maintain cleanness and order in the city and urban residents’ comfort.

CONTAINEX containers can be applied also in motorway service industry : fuel stations, café, hotels, and leisure areas. They are especially attractive due to their mobility potential: in case of café relocation to other place, it will not be difficult due to easy disassembling.
In some cases containers help to solve also problems with accommodation. They can be used as a temporary accommodation during the construction of permanent one or during renovation, capital repairs of buildings.

There are large opportunities for application of CONTAINEX modular units in rural areas. Pharmacy , rural health post, day-care centre or school is required? You have no possibility or confidence in feasibility of permanent construction? Mobile modular units will help to develop premises and buildings for successful performance of all social institutions in a village.

The options listed above far does not include all possibilities of application of CONTAINEX modular units. They can serve as checkpoints on customs terminals and border terminals, payment offices, currency exchange offices, workshops, etc. Modular systems – it is a prompt response to continuously changing environment, when often it is required to response immediately, taking only proper decisions.

Even the most exacting customer can be convinced that modular systems present not just current technologies but future technologies: their application range is wide; possibilities and mobility potential are almost not limited. Thus they completely meet demands of modern life. It means there is high time not just to be aware but also to use them.