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Complex design and architecture of buildings and facilities
Project of the shopping centers Diamond
Project of the shopping centers Electrougli
Project of the production buildings of industrial companies
Project of the production buildings of industrial companies
Miltilevel buildings
Project of the aviaation buildings Avia Group Nord
Project of the science centers Rosnano
Training base of the football team Zenit

Design and architecture of buildings and facilities


The construction company MVK-Stroy LLC was established in June, 2000. Our company focuses on application of certified products of leading national and foreign producers, which provide high quality of works and fully comply with current regulation-technical requirements.
MVK-Stroy LLC offers multi-industry solutions for design works. Wide scope of services allows to execute all project stages considering our clients’ requirements. Our company differs by ability to understand expectations, objectives, priorities and clients’ methods of work.
We believe that we can supply high-quality products and services due to combination of professional knowledge in different areas. Certified system of work organization focused to get a high-quality product is the subject of continuous improvement.
We develop design documents (at all stages) in the scope required to implement projects. The first stage of design works is development of architectural- town-planning predesign solution – a procedure brochure, which is called both the Architectural Concept and the Predesign Offer.
Procedure brochure content : explanatory note; cost-performance ratio; estimation of number of parking stalls; site plan; general layout and landscaping; plans, front elevations, building sections considering building structural scheme; colour schemes; breakdowns; photographic sketch – the designed building in the currently existing surrounding;
After your approval, thebrochure shall be approved in the series of following institutions: district authority; district architectural and planning administration; district prefecture; scientific research and general layout design institute; division of protection of natural and historical complexes; department of complex landscaping of Moscow City Architecture Committee; State Institution of monuments protection and Expert-consulting public council; centre of visual-landscape analysis; State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision; Moskompriroda; National Fire Safety Department; city or regional procedure committee.
Besides it is required to get disposition documents and preliminary permit documentation. All the above listed documents are required to start the next design stage – development of PROJECT stage.
On this stage we develop architectural-town-planning and spatial layout solution in compliance with resolutions in preliminary permit documentation; development of the general layout and project of landscaping on topographical survey with Scale 1:500; development and approval of technical specification for design.
Design documents on Project stage include the following: preliminary permit documentation; general explanatory note; technological section; architectural-construction section; structural scheme solution; heating, ventilation, smoke removal, air conditioning; water supply and sewerage; electrical section (power equipment, automatic devices, lighting, low current devices, automatic fire-alarm system, fire warning); energy efficiency; Project of construction organization; general layout and transportation including: general layout, landscaping plan, site grading plan, earth layout, summary plan of utility networks. dendroplan; environment protection; operating procedure for handling of construction wastes; deratization; activities on fire safety; activities on civil defence and emergency response; off-site utility networks.
Further the PROJECT stage shall be approved in the following institutions: Administration for preparation of objects approval of Moscow City Architecture Committee; certificate on approval of architectural-town-planning solution; district authority; district architectural and planning administration; district prefecture; metro company, Metrogiprotrans (if required), scientific research and general layout design institute; State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision; National Fire Safety Department; Moslesopark; multi-spacing combined profiling; civil defence and emergency services; State Road Traffic Safety Inspection; Territorial Association of Land-Tenure Regulation; environment investments model; Moskompriroda (department of nature management and environment protection). Moscow city architecture committee; interagency committee; heat supply system; Moscow cable network; Moscow city telephone network; Mosvodostok; Mosvodokanal; MosGas; Underground Structures Department of Moscow Municipal Trust of Geological-Geodesic and Cartographical Works; civil defence and emergency services. Moskompriroda. Environmental impact assessment. Moslesopark. State Road Traffic Safety Inspection. State Institution of monuments protection. Expert-consulting public council. State expertise commission. Moscow State Expert Review Panel.
Simultaneously with the approval process of the design documents, we start to develop the next stage of works – development of the following stage:
On this stage we develop design documents for all project sections within the scope required for production of construction and installation works on the future facility. Working drawings, required specifications, details will be developed for all sections, i.e. everything necessary for the future contractor for construction and commissioning.
Sections on Detail Documents stage: explanatory note; technologic section; architectural - construction solutions; reinforced concrete structures; steel structures; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; water supply and sewerage; power equipment; internal lighting; automation; fire extinguishing; low-voltage systems and communications, including installation of telecommunications network, safety and fire alarm system, computer networks, video surveillance, television and installation of wired radio units; off-site utility networks. Further these documents shall be approved upon request of the authorities interested or in case the design solutions deviate from the Project stage. Design Supervision will be provided during facility construction.
If you are not a professional client, then as likely as not, you will be missing the most initial data which will be required. Or in case there will be difficulties to get them in the above listed institutions or difficulties to get the design documents approved. In this case we will be able to offer solution of these objectives.

We are professional clients and designers. We are able to implement almost any large project in the area of real estate construction. We would be happy to see you as our Client.